There is a psychic skill, possibly one of the most powerful skills a person could learn, but it involves no mystical powers of psychic awareness.

If there are mysteries in the universe, which have avoided common knowledge for thousands of years, it is pretty unlikely that the key to accessing those powers can be found in a tarot card deck or a new age book; perhaps it takes for us to deal with the common things more appropriately, and then if the mysterious powers think we are ready, they will tell us. I have found that it can be quite a magical experience when I manage the normal things in my life in quite a straight forward manner.

Psychics, when scientifically tested, are not usually able to establish facts more accurately and frequently than probability laws indicate they could through random guessing.

Do you want to fathom the unfathomed?  I can show you a psychic skill that will really work; it is psyche awareness or emotional intelligence; if you apply this to your life, I cannot promise that every decision you make from now on will be a right decision, but I think you will feel better about the choices you make.

There are some decisions in life that are easy to make; the right choice is obvious, a person makes a decision and never looks back; I am not talking about those things in life.  This section is discussing times when decisions are hard, where poor decision making can lead to regret, choices where a person may seek the advice of others or even consult with a fortune teller; these are the decisions that I am talking about, and normally they are decisions that are emotionally charged.

Difficult decisions are usually emotionally charged decisions; often a person may feel anxious or depressed before hand and regret afterwards, or even guilt.  When a person understands why those decisions make them feel bad, they can take steps to improve their decision making to the extent that it becomes easier, and even, pleasurable.

A difficult decision will usually have many different outcomes, things that can be achieved and those that a person may want to avoid.  When making a decision, a person often focuses on the main goal, the payoff, the ideal outcome, whilst trying to suppress all the unwanted, yet possible, other outcomes, and it is due to this that they may feel all the negative emotions of anxiety, depression, regret, ...

When people have difficult decisions to make or when life seems full of difficult decisions they will often visit astrologers, counsellors, psychics, mystics, ... usually, the reason for this is that they feel a foreboding or that life has not been turning out how they hoped and they want to know if their luck is about to change; however, the human body is the best counsellor, it can tell a person when things are going well and when things are not, all thanks to the organ known as ‘the subconscious mind.’

The subconscious mind creates uncomfortable feelings of anxiety to remind the person that there are things they are ignoring, which they should not be; in response to this, the person goes and visits an astrologer, reads about the sixth sense and psychic development....  When nothing is suppressed and an informed rational decision is made, a person feels better about their decisions, and afterwards, they feel better about the outcomes. Peace and happiness.

This is not just making a list of pros and cons; in the past, I used to make lists of pros and cons, it would mean very little and I would go ahead with making the ideal outcome decision, and feel endless anxiety whilst waiting the result and regret my choice afterwards.  Psyche awareness works as follows:

  1. Make a list of the pros for making a decision, and equally write a list pros for all the other option(s),
  2. From the lists of pros, choose which one thing is the most important,
  3. Then go with the decision for which the most important outcome is most easily attainable.
  4. It is important to embrace the possibility that all the pros cannot be achieved, hence to make the choice and take the action whereby the most important outcome for yourself is accomplished.

    To take the outcome, which has the lowest probability of regret.

Please feel free to give it a try; you may be surprised to find your relationships are more happy, your businesses more profitable, your life more peaceful and your health more healthy.  It is at least as good for you as visiting a psychic, possibly more so.


    I know a person that was busy at work, but also struggling a little, financially, bills and credit cards; they had also started a new intimate relationship with a woman.

    The person felt stress and anxiety.

    The opportunity came up, through some of their old contacts, to do a little bit of evening work; it would have meant that for the next few months they would be working most of their waking hours, maybe leaving only Saturday evenings free to spend with their girlfriend.  This was not so good for a new relationship, where both parties wanted to spend lots of time getting to know and enjoy each other.

    In this kind of situation, some people may seek the help of a counsellor, psychic, yet the body is the best counsellor and the right decision is the decision which leaves the body feeling good, relaxed and free from anxiety.

    The person felt stress, and this was because of the conflicting needs between finance and relationship; so they examined the choices:

    Choice one; take the extra work, pay off the credit cards, and in a few months be in a strong financial position to spend more time with the girlfriend if she was still around.

    Choice two; economise a little, spend time building the relationship with the girlfriend.

    The relationship was the most important, and so they decided upon choice two and hence economised and struggled through financially.  When they made that choice they felt a lot better and the anxiety fell away almost instantly.  A few months later a new chance arose to earn a little money to pay of the credit cards; it wasn’t quite as financially rewarding as the previous opportunity, but it sufficed and this time it did not impede so much upon the relationship, which was by then already strong.

With good decisions we can enjoy life instead of worrying about its consequences, it is one of the keys to health and happiness through peace; another key is meditation.

Life is mystical, but how we choose to live it is very real; today is a good day for realistic decision making.

Disclaimer: In case some people misunderstand the intentions behind this internet site, please note that the author of this article takes no responsibility for any decisions that a reader or any other person may take nor of the outcomes of their decisions; this internet site and the articles within are only published to provide different view points for the reader to consider, the author does not seek to advise the reader on specific matters nor take any responsibility from the reader in respect of their own affairs.