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If success means lasting peace and happiness to you then I hope you will find 'The Meaning of Life' interesting and practical.


To truly understand how to become happy it helps to turn matters on their head and ask what is unhappiness.

Unhappiness is when there is struggle, the world or the people within it seem to be working against our plans for enjoyment; we want love but love does not want us, we want promotion but the boss does not recognise our skills, we want peace of mind but the world’s economy falls into recession;Flower105 unhappiness is when we allow ourselves to be affected by situations that are outside our control.

When turning happiness on its head we found unhappiness; when turning the root cause of unhappiness on its head, we find the foundation for lasting happiness, which is to stop trying to control our circumstances in order to be happy and instead to take happiness to our circumstances.

If life were a party, rather than arriving at the party and expecting to be entertained, a person may find the party more rewarding if they take a sense of fun to the party.


Life is mystical, but how we choose to live it is very real; today is a good day for realistic decision making.

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