A person’s current state of mind, be they an optimist or a pessimist, is dependent on how they have reflected upon the past; it is called karma and it is very useful to know if they want to change, develop a positive outlook, strong self esteem, peace, happiness and good health.  To have these things tomorrow they must reflect upon the successes of today.

To create happiness and success, it is necessary to take reality and gently reshape it.

There are many books sold to tell their readers on the notion that if they think positive thoughts of happiness then they will attract good fortune, which is true, happiness attracts people, and people bring opportunities.  Yet the method they give is often to just repeat an affirmation or happy thought over and over again, and this only works for those that already have a certain degree of success in life, since our senses of reality will not believe it no matter how many times we repeat life is wonderful, unless life is wonderful.  Though there is a way to develop a new, positive and happy .

The secret to happy and successful living that I am going to explain, is actually not much of a secret, every good therapist and hypnotherapist uses it to help their clients, and if you start to use it, you could quickly change your perspective on life so that good times and good fortune seem to come your way more often.

The whole positive affirmation, visualization and thinking movement works best for those who are inclined to be mostly positive and have few major difficulties in life; however, if you really are struggling then telling yourself that life is wonderful may keep you entertained but, unfortunately and speaking from experience, it is all a distraction until the next crash comes.

The method is simply: finding something tangible that you already know and moving forwards from there, or exploring a little way into new territories to establish a new tangible quantity and the building upon with that; and this is how I approach positive affirmations.

One positive thought that I know is real, that works for me in all situations, is the knowledge that facing life with a smile and dealing with matters in a calm manner is the best way to make the most of it and to enjoy the pleasures when they arise. You may have read this elsewhere on this site, my primary positive affirmation is as follows:

    ‘This is an excellent opportunity to practice being calm and happy.’

A person may look for ways to explore new territories, and develop new affirmations to help them at times when they most need support. For example, if a person was worried about their health they could learn relaxation exercises, such as meditation, progressive relaxation, self hypnosis or whatever else works best for them, and as their affirmation, they might try:

    ‘I feel better after I have relaxed, and likewise, I may notice that with regular opportunities to rest and recuperate my body starts to feel more youthful and healthy.’

A great positive affirmation for succeeding with projects, perhaps a business idea or learning something new - recently I started learning to speak French - is as follows:

    ‘I may be surprised at those moments, the times when I become aware of the progress that I have made.’

Growth is movement, affirmations support actions, they don’t replace actions. The types of affirmation that I discuss here, help a person to build on their successes, and often that means taking a few small tentative steps towards a goal, with the affirmation helping you to look upon your progress objectively, and remember, mistakes are an important part of progress:

    ‘To day I learnt ..., also I happy that I did the following things well ...’ A general night-time affirmation.

If any person is trying to develop a part of their life and needs help in finding the ideal affirmation, please feel free to contact me through the website, giving the details of their situation, and I will be happy to formulate the right affirmation; however, I hope that you have noticed that these affirmations are designed to be used along side some form of small, easy to take, action.

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