Understanding comes from experience. There are many professional writers, journalists and such that write books about how they have made their fortune and happiness by visualising, positive thinking, wishing and magically, mystically materialising money into being; and yet, such a book written by a person that was brought up as a malnourished child living in a small drought ridden community in Africa that managed to positively think their way into the list of the 100 richest people is a book that I would read, but a book about materialising wealth by an author brought up in a rich community and with the intelligence to take advantage of the many resources available to them, I think is possibly not quite so valuable.

I do not like to present myself as a person that has come from a particularly impoverished background, because I have not; however, I have had, possibly, a few more challenges to overcome than have many of my contemporaries. Recently, I enjoyed a year of psychotherapy, as part of a group; it was interesting to see how the various group members, each with their own stories of varying trials and tribulations, had managed or not managed to find peace and happiness in their lives.  By comparison, I consider myself as being quite accomplished, I have had difficulties, but I have not shied away from them, but rather, I have found ways to move forward and enjoy life, peace and good health.

Many persons in difficulties such as the ones that I have faced, have turned to the superstitions and devoured book after book on positive thinking, spells, feng shui, religious doctrine, ... yet always falling down and pretending to play dead when a new challenge arises.

An example that any free thinking person can relate to here, is when evangelical ministers are caught out committing adultery, or breaking other of the 10 commandments.  Often, people that seek sanctuary in religious doctrine, live lives that are full of the same mishaps as does any person; struggling through difficult times in the way that non-religious people also struggle through difficult times, and yet when they reach the end, they devote all their success to their belief in their god; where as, the rest of us were doing what?  There is little evidence to suggest that belief in a mystical being or force can actually help us to live happy and peaceful lives.  I believe Joanna Newsom summed up this idea in her lyrics:

    And you do say
    That you do pray
    And you say
    That you’re ok

And so I present the information on this website, which is aimed at the reader that wishes to unlock the achievable mysteries in life, of how to live happily and peacefully in the real world, rather than the world of theirs and/or their favourite authors’ imaginings.

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