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Posted by Admin on 21 Sep, 2009

This is The Meaning of Life, dedicated to peace and happiness.

Some people wonder why that in a modern enlightened age we have not eliminated poverty and achieved world peace; however, the reason is not such a mystery.

Let us start with world peace; all disputes in the world have one common cause, and likewise, if you turn that common cause upside down you will find eternal peace and happiness, but first you need to discover that one common cause...

To create peace, many laws in our world, rules and ways of living have been designed both now and in the past.   If we were to look back to the start, a millennia ago: it is said in the Bible that there was much arguing, fighting and little peace amongst the Israelites, and so Moses went to the mountain and came back with 10 commandments; laws to bring peace and harmony into the lives of the people.  Today it is thousands of years later and thousands of rules have been created and changed, and is there world peace?  No.

“World peace is a flower garden, which is grown from the many seeds of our individual experiences of inner peace; may every person find inner peace.”  Roz - site author

If I were to say that I knew the route to world peace, who would ask what the rule is, what law is missing from our societies that prevents peace from occurring???

There is no missing rule, no order, no power, which if it were present would create world peace; no demonstration, no political leader, no religious interpretation, no  scientific discovery.

The root cause of all disputes in life lies not in a lack of laws but rather because there are matters to dispute - disparities and exclusion.  Socialists/communists failed because they identified that disparities lead to disputes, suffering and a lack of peace, and they tried to remedy them by creating laws to make people equal, yet laws do not create peace as thousands of years of trying that way has shown; moreover, if the word equal means the identical then people are not equal, some are stronger than others, some more intelligent, others more witty, ...

Capitalists thought that they could order the world through demand and supply, but demand is affected affected by knowledge and the ambitious found that they could increase demand and increase supply by withholding and misrepresenting knowledge, and so capitalism never found equilibrium, only dispute upon dispute.

Lack of peace occurs because one person or group wants to exclude another, be-it due to wealth, social standing, sex, sexuality, religion, race, education, beauty, age, ... or through greed and competitiveness, thus a disparity is created by force not by natural order.   Lack of peace comes from exclusion, so the root to world peace can only be through inclusion.

When people contemplate the desire for world peace, they question why governments and dictators start wars; yet, those wars are just large incidences of the smaller battles that occur everywhere in life.  On the road, one driver 'cuts up' another because they are in a hurry; a person in a social setting laughs about another person behind their back, because the other person is less intelligent or appears to be gay; someone is passed over for a job because they did not attend the best university, the one where the wealthy elite send their children; a youth stabs another youth with a knife because he was brought up to believe that being the best being the winner is the most important thing.  All these are incidences of exclusion on the small scale and then there is the larger scale.

Life comes from sharing, a couple shares their love and raises a family; all parents want the best for their children; life is created by an act of sharing, all life.  With the exception of natural causes and disasters, all death and destruction is caused by some form of exclusion.  Life is created using the tool of sharing.

Peace comes from inclusion and sharing; some people may say they stand for peace, but when you examine their ideals, they exclude others for having differing beliefs, circumstances and lifestyles; the most common example of this is when a religion offers eternal peace to all of it's members, and activists from the religion picket non-religious institutions hurling abuse at other people for being un-godly and so there is dispute rather than peace.

No rule can be created that will remove disparity and exclusion and so no rule will ever create world peace, and this has been proven by thousands of years of rules and laws being written and amended; though each person can find inner peace and when they live their life peacefully, because they are excluding no other person, they find others will be more peaceful to them and so they find peace in their immediate world.  This is what it means in the bible: 'You try to take the splinter out of your brother's eye, but there is a log in yours;' it is saying don't try to achieve peace by controlling how others live their lives, but rather seek only to be peaceful yourself.

Rules for World Peace

Posted by Admin on 21 Sep, 2009

Sometimes, when I discuss my views on peace and 'The Meaning of Life' people say such things as:

  • 'How are you going to get everyone to follow your way of life?'
  • 'It is very well intentioned of you, but some people are just bad!'

However, the whole point of my inclusive way of life, is not to exclude people by trying to force everyone to have my views on life, but to take care only that I am inclusive in how I live my life; and when I adopted this new approach I noticed that the way people treated me also changed […]

More coming soon …

The Meaning of Life

Posted by Admin on 21 Sep, 2009

There is much more to discuss on this topic, many scenarios that one page of a website cannot cover.  I understand that for some, they may have points of disagreement and hence what to learn more to see for themselves how this method works and likewise some people may be interested in becoming one with life through meditative living and experiencing their own world peace; either may find my forth coming book, which is about peace, happiness and the meaning of life to be helpful - more details to be posted before the end of 2009 […]

More coming soon…